We offer full service transportation weddings and receptions!

    Available cars for the young couple:
  • Mercedes E-Klasa 210 - silver
  • Mercedes E-Klasa 211 - silver
  • Mercedes S-Klasa years between 1972 a 2006 - black

    All cars are luxurious, modern, air conditioned and our drivers are professionals in their profession.
    Prices depending on the number of vehicles ordered.

    Embellishment car you can make yourself or order an additional charge.

    Cars available for wedding guests:
  • Mercedesy Viano up to 7 people
  • Mercedesy Vito up to 9 people
  • Mercedesy Sprinter up to 22 people
    Depending on demand, we offer these buses and minibuses. They are modern, air conditioned and equipped with
    safety belts for all passengers. For the sprinkling the roads at night score after the adoption of generally recommend
    hiring two 9-passenger vans.


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